‘Every mark, no matter how tentative is a thought, a building and layering process. To consider buildings as delicate as drawings; collating and storing their contents. Structurally maintaining and defining a constellation of materials. A condition of thoughtfulness within a natural landscape left to its own devices. Allowing a layering of special relationships to be formed that span thousands of years’.

‘A final disintegration of a structure is also what stabilises its components. A neutralising force that anchors it to the ground. Strength through quietness, through dispersal’.

‘The delicate balance between a barely visible piece of blue tac, invisibly glued, holding a stem of bog cotton. The bog cotton denied its natural process of dispersal and disappearance becomes trapped. Captured within its own constellation, entangled with thread, but without tension’.

‘Disruptors, distributors, navigators and facilitators. Materials used to create my work fit into these different categories’.

‘A piece of thread travels through a semi-opaque fabric screen. The thread changes direction and produces an acute angle held invisibly’.

‘Wax laminated with thread travels through the main body of the work, the thread reinforces the wax as it bleeds its colour softly’.

‘A barely visible drill hole allows another piece of thread to pass through a sheet of chipboard, no one notices its disruption’.