Differential Repositories

My work considers a sensitivity to the structural transitions, habitations and remains at Rubha nan Sasan (point of difficulty), a sparsely populated peninsula on Loch Ewe in Wester Ross, Scotland.

A strategic base for the Arctic Convoys during WW2 , (an iron net was hand built and placed in the Loch to prevent German U boats from entering.

Loch Ewe’s most recent addition ‘Rotto’s Grotto’ consists of a converted freight container on a remote beach. There are also historical ruins; round houses, sheilings, a bothy and some of the oldest geology in the world.

These structure co-exist spanning large time frames, and whilst my work has become less concerned with the exact location and history of these spaces I remain interested in the nature of these sites and their histories together, as interdependent, rather than accidental. Traditionally they have always been considered in isolation to one another. That the mapping of these relationships, this interplay of time, scale and materials affords the opportunity to create an exciting sculptural language on a personal scale. Enabling fictitious, and unexpected moments of delight.